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Innovation Award

12th FEIBP Innovation Award

At the occasion of the 61st FEIBP-congress, 26 – 28 September 2019 Lucerne (Switzerland), the 12th FEIBP Innovation Award will be in the spotlights. 

The main aim of the Innovation Award is to stimulate those companies that are, directly or indirectly, involved into the brushware industry, to show their most recent products and to pay attention to new product developments.  Conditions of participation and application form see below.

All innovations will be presented at the Opening Session of the congress and at the Brush Forum.

All delegates are entitled to vote and the winner is to be announced at the General Assembly.

The annual congress of the European Brushware Federation is the outstanding platform for the exposure of the innovative character of our industry.

 An appropriate exhibition space during the Brush Forum will be available.

We are proud to introduce the first two competitors for the 12th Innovation Award:


1 Smartfilaments AG (Switzerland)

 "Cellulose fibres with incorporated additives for High Performance Ski Wax Brushes"

 A secret functional additive is incorporated into the bristles. The latter are made of 100% biological cellulose fibres.

When brushing and polishing ski surfaces, the additive is dispensed in small doses and leads to faster skiing.

An innovation for the ski sports industry with competitive advantages in ski racing; measurable results in the laboratory,

but also in the Alpine and Nordic Ski World Cup and at the World Championships 2019 in Sweden and Austria.


Van Dam’s Kwastenfabriek BV (the Netherlands)

 "Duo Brush for the professional house painter"

This brush has an integrated little brush (fitch brush) inside the bigger brush.

With this Duo Brush the painter has always his fitch brush available and ready for use.

The fitch brush cannot dry out as it is in the brush.

It solves problems for the professional painters.


3 Ebnat AG (Switzerland)

 "Baby Bottle Brush"

With the Medela bottle brush, Ebnat managed to perfectly combine a unique look with solid function.

This brush is simply and eyecather! With its futuristic tufted balls it clearly differs from any other brush on the market.

And yet nothing about this brush is just about marketing. The customers will experience a perfect cleaning result.


4 Wistoba Pinselfabrik GmbH & Co.KG

 "V12 Brush Concept"

The V12 Concept is an environmentally friendly paintbrush without any epoxy glue, built in a new brush head system with synthetic filaments.


Who is going to join these competitors in Lucerne?

For  rules and application form for the competition see below.


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tel: 00 31 135944 678
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P.O. Box 4076
5004 JB Tilburg
The Netherlands

tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740
e-mail: info@feibp.eu