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Keynote speaker: Jörg Heynkes: "The most important innovations for the coming 260 weeks"

JÖRG HEYNKES The most important innovations for the coming 260 weeks“



Jörg Heynkes reports on the outstanding technological developments that will change our society sustainable in the coming 260 weeks. He talks in detail and vividly about the associated opportunities and risks for society, economy and politics.

He also talks about the coming soon of humanoid robots in our lives, drones, electric vehicles, autonomous driving, carbon-neutral power supply, 3-D print, the artificial intelligence of computers, the destructive effect of „sharing economics“ and a large number of other world-moving developments, which are just before the „tipping point“.


About the person:

Jörg Heynkes, born in 1962, has been active in the fields of media, event marketing, project development and is since 1985 managing director of "VillaMedia". In addition, he works with his company "energie-pur", a consulting firm in the areas of energy, efficiency and mobility concepts. In 2016, he founded a new startup with the company "Entrance - Gesellschaft für Kunstlichen Intelligenz und Robotik" ("Entrance Society for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics") and he enthusiastic media and his customers with the robot„Pepper“since then.

Jörg Heynkes participates in various research projects on technical and social innovation and transformation. He says about himself, that he is also a good "story-teller" and that is the reason why he acts so successfully as keynote speaker on these topics.



In addition to his commitment to the Rotary Club Wuppertal-Bergischland, he also works as an voluntary member of the board of directors of the "Innovationszentrum NRW" and the "Bergische Bürgerenergiegonossenschaft". In the association "Aufbruch am Arrenberg", he initiates the project „Climatequarter Arrenberg", which gains a nationwide prestige. He and his combatants, are currently planning to build the largest climate-neutral farm in the middle of a European city. Since 2013, he has acted since voluntary vice-president of the Bergischen Industrie- und Handelskammer. In 2016 the state government of North-Rhine Westphalia awarded the energy network of „VillaMedia“ and „Climatequarter Arrenberg“ to one of the most important climate protection projects. Jörg Heynkes is also the sponsor of the "German Solar Prize 2016".

Event: FEIBP Open Golf Event

When:                Wednesday 6th September 2017

Start:                  09.30 hours

Where:               GolfPark Leipzig


Green fee:                  €60 per player

Rental clubs available:         €10/set

Buggies available:                €30/buggy

Transportation from Congress hotel provided

Contact: andrew.mcilroy@perlon.com

Wednesday, Sept. 6th 2017



Welcome cocktail at “Auerbachs Keller”


Auerbachs Keller was founded in 1525 as a wine tavern and is no doubt the most famous restaurant in Leipzig. Practically every famous visitor was a guest here. The list goes from Martin Luther, Queen Elizabeth II via Tsar Peter the Great up to Nikita Khrushchev, not to forget German national poet J. W. Goethe.
The tavern became famous in connection with the legends of Dr. Faustus and Mephistopheles, which were immortalized then by Goethe´s drama "Faust", one of the greatest works of German literature



Thursday, Sept. 7th 2017


Porsche Leipzig Factory Tour incl. Co-Pilot Drive

The Porsche Co-Pilot offer gives you an opportunity of combining a factory tour at Porsche Leipzig, during which you will witness the assembly of a Porsche at close quarters, with an exciting co-driving experience. A professional instructor will introduce you to the vehicle and then show you how to control a Porsche safely at the limit. 

Friday, Sept. 8th 2017


Party event at Panorama Tower Restaurant  – “Plate of Art”


Enjoy magnificent delights – visual as well as culinary and a spectacular view from the highest restaurant in Central Germany. The Panorama Tower restaurant "Plate of Art" serves a new light cuisine at a hight of 140 metres above the Augustus square with Gewandhaus and the Leipzig Opera.


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P.O. Box 4076
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tel: 00 31 135944 678
fax: 00 31 13 5944 740
e-mail: feibp@wispa.nl